Making Movies Come to Life


As a scene of the movie proceeds, what make the emotions run high? It is the sound of music that sets the pace of a film and imparts a certain life to the film. It sets the seriousness of the tone of the actor, defines the moment and provides an impeccable sense of mysterious life to the film. So much so, there are special awards at the Oscars and Golden Globes that appreciates the sound division of the film industry. In this section we will take a look at why soundtracks are essential to make a movie run.

Need for Music:

Even no sound can be referred to as music. The dramatic effects in the film “Gravity” that recorded no sound for all the space stunts sent chills down the spine for its effects. This is what the power of music on the movie is. But there are needs to keep it in sync with the movie. Reckless and relentless use of untimed soundtracks and music can disrupt the entire scene. There needs to be a synchronized music that wraps around the scene in tandem to create a rich visually appeasing movie. Let us take a look at why music is necessary:

1. Sets pace

There is a need for the director to set the tempo of the movie from time to time to keep his audiences precariously perched on their seats. This is not possible without music. Various action sequences as well as dramatic sequences need to be synced with proper music to achieve the pace the movie needs to pick up. Just figure out without a background score how would you react to a horror film or pick up a cue that something out of the ordinary is happening on the screen.

2. Good for Promotion

Do you remember the name of the movie by its soundtrack too? Well this is one of the reason why film makers create such unique soundtracks for their films so that they can use these movie tracks for advertising and marketing. So much so many producers spend a mighty amount of money on such gimmicks to woo the audiences and make catchy tunes that will create an aura around the movie which is basically better for business.

3. Brings Emotion

This is another great point that needs to be highlighted. Soundtracks and music bring emotion to the screen. A great actor cannot pull out a dramatic scene without the backing of some great music. You can place the scene without any visuals only through the background score of the film.

These are some of the main reasons why most of the directors and producers give more and more weight to the music of the film. You need to understand that it is the music that provides the essence to the film that no other visual effect can provide. There are many great classic movies out there in the market that have some of the best soundtracks.

Written by apricot