How to Choose the Right Music for a Video


Are you planning to shoot a video? If you are planning to embed some great soundtracks to the video, you need to choose wisely from various music that is spread across the internet. Choosing music for your videos can be a taxing process but it is only patience and hours of listening that will pave the path to a perfect video with synced music. In this section we will take a look at the various methods you can imbibe while choosing a music part for your video.

Step 1: Set Mood with Music

For this part, you will need to rigorously watch the video without adding any music to understand the various points where the music needs to change its tone. The most basic fact of adding music is that the complete audio-video should be in tandem without any one part occurring haphazardly. Make sure to use the proper music for the correct videos. A wrong set of music patterns can give a wrong impression to the viewer about your video. Also never choose music that is dark or gothic until and unless you are confident that your audience will love it.

Step 2: Picking a Genre

If you are planning to provide a soundtrack to your video, you need to have a clear idea about the genre of music you need to pick. Never choose music that will hurt or displease the sentiments of the audience. That is why you need to understand your audiences before you select the genre of the music. If you are in a dilemma about which music you need to pick, always pick the one that is the most safest of them all to avoid creating confusions.

Step 3: Using lyrics

If you are planning to use music with lyrics, you need to make sure that the lyrics do not send a wrong message to the viewers. It should also be in accordance with the message of the video. Using music with lyrics when there is a voice over or narration during the video can be a problem since it will hamper the message it gives to the viewers.

Step 4: Mixing music

If you are choosing music for your videos, you would definitely want to mix multiple components of different or same music so that it complements your video. This is only possible if you use some kind of mixing software that allows you mix various songs so that the video and the audio make a perfect match for each other.

Step 5: Copyright Music

If you are planning to mix the video with some music, you need to be careful about the music you use so that does not infringe the copyrights of the song. YouTube and Vimeo have various free songs that can be easily integrated into your video.

These are some of the steps while choosing a soundtrack for your video. Keep in mind the above steps while doing so.

Written by apricot