What is Alternative Music?

What is the Concept?

Asking this question is a very tricky one. What can be the alternate for some music? How can you ever think of such forms of music? To explain what alternative music is, you need to understand that for centuries music has attracted the radical, satirical and non-orthodox thinkers. To cater to these masses, artists came out with an alternative form of their music that included more rationalization in the fields of politics, sexism, racism, classism. This is the reason why alternative music came into being.

How it Started?

In the early 1970’s rock and roll seemed to be the most dominant part of the music industry which showed its mighty presence in most of the Western World. At the epitome of its being, rock music suddenly had an alternative tone to its songs. This was the founding of the alternative form of music. If you are looking for the exact time of the introduction of alternative rock, the exact year was 1965 when a Texan teenager named Roky Erikson started creating psychedelic rock music with a band called 13 th Floor Elevators. Later on there were more and more music artists that started forming such bands.

How to appreciate this music?

If you are looking into a way to understand more and more about these albums and discover the music, you should definitely check out the Top 10 Alternative Starter Albums which has some of the best indie music till date so that you can get a feel of the music. You can also take a look at Top 10 Obscure Alternative Starter Albums so that you can get a more advanced feel about the music. It is only on listening to more and more music you will unravel the mysteries behind it and start growing an affinity towards it.

Alternative Rock:

Over the years there has been a considerable increase in the number of bands who play alternative rock songs. These songs have their origin in punk rock, post punk rock, new wave and hardcore punk. This music was originated from the underground and has earned a lot of praise and acknowledgement from its supporters. The alternative rock music has a lot of various other music under its umbrella since it has a wide network of origins.

Best Alternative bands of All time:

Let us take a look at the evergreen alternative music bands and commemorate their existence:

1. Nirvana

This is one of the most successful alternate bands of all time. Kurt Cobain was a big success during his time. The band could amass some of the best crowds during their times.

2. Linkin Park

After Nirvana comes Linkin Park which is an American rock band which was formed in Agoura Hills, California in 1996. Their album “Hybrid Theory” was a grand success that put them on the radar.

These are the two most popular bands that perform alternative music. This is a great form of music which you need to try.

Written by apricot