More About Alternative Music

What is Alternative Music?

What can be an alternative to music? This weird concept was developed in the years of the early 1960’s when people realized that there was a need to connect on a more rational basis with the masses. The bands formed music that was sensitive and talked about subjects like racism, classism and sexism. Some of them were satirical and exposed the true objectives of the political agendas of the state. This is what alternate stands for; something new and something radical. This music was very popular amongst a certain segment of the crowd. While the masses had Madonna and Michael Jackson, a certain segment had bands like Nirvana and Nickelback.

Like said before, the first presence of alternative songs was experienced in the year 1965. This was a disturbing and changing period time for the various bands since the masses demanded more from them. They expected songs that evoked feelings between them. A Texas boy named Roky Erickson recorded his first psychedelic song in 1965 with a band called 13 th Floor Elevators. Over a period of time, most of bands picked up lead and organized an underground revolution called the alternate form of music. Let us take a look at some of the best alternative music bands till date:

1. Nirvana

This was one of the most talked about band when they started producing alternative grunge music. This band was formed by Kurt Cobain in the year 1987 in Washington. Kurt Cobain was the lead vocalist of the band and this band got split up after the suicide of Kurt Cobain in 1994. The drummer went on to play for another band called the Foo-Fighters which is another alternative band.

2. Linkin Park

This is an American Rock band that laid its foundation in alternative music in the year 1996. These guys are from California and have given some of the best alternative albums like Hybrid Theory. They hold the second place for producing some of the best alternative songs.

3. Green Day

This is also an American punk rock band that formed in California in 1987. They have provided proper direction to the forms of alternative rock and punk rock. These genres are well highlighted by the band. Greed Day has a huge following all across the world for their songs.

4. Coldplay

Coldplay was a band that is a rock band that was formed in the year 1996. Their music has always intrigued their listeners. Along with a different form of music they also have lyrics that will soothe you to sleep. You would like to follow this band if you are looking to create an appreciation for this genre of music.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is a Californian funk rock band that was founded in the year 1983. This band has created some great hits like “Californication” and “Hey You” which are alternative hits. These are some of the best bands that you need to follow if you want to grow your interest in the alternative music industry.

Written by apricot