How to Find Great Music

Are you a music fanatic? Do you like to find songs about certain genres and enjoy music that is close to your heart? There can be various complications while trying to find music that touches your soul. Just shuffling between songs will not help you get the songs you like. There are some means from which you can get all your favorite songs on your gadgets. In this section we will take a look at how you can extract all the best songs that will surely engross you.

1. Music Podcasts

Music Podcasts are platforms to find and interact with the music you love. Just like there are podcasts for different subjects, music has also initiated a podcast which will help you learn more about your genre. These are some of the most influential sources that can reach up to the crowds. The podcasts are hosted by a people who have an interest for a certain genre of music and if you find your perfect hosts, you will learn more and more about your genre and come across a variety of songs that will surely stimulate you.

2. Music Blogs

These music blogs are written by like-minded individuals who want to share knowledge about a certain form or genre about music. These music blogs are a great source of finding the music you desire. On these blogs you will come across various links and hyperlinks to songs that are related to the subject. All you need to do is click on these songs to be entranced by the music they have to offer you. These music blogs will surely keep you updated with various music releases as well as older footage of your band.

3. Recommendation sites

This is the latest way to track all the music you play and the recommended music you would love to listen. All you need to do is play your music in their recommendation sites and the site will track all your music to come up with personal references which will entice you. This is a great way to understand more about your favorite artists and keep up with their music. Some of these recommendation sites are, Pandora, Metacritic, Art of the Mix etc. These are some of the most highly rated sites that will offer the best music recommendations to you.

4. Publications

This is also another interesting source for getting your music sites. These music publications will allow you to search for all the important links of music that will interest you. Here is a list of publications:

 All Music (Rock, Pop, Indie, World)

They can track music lists, have genre guides as well as have unblemished reviews. It is a one stop for all your needs.

 Pitchfork(Indie)

Are you looking for reviews for the indie albums? At this site you will find no-holes-barred reviews about the latest independent songs.

These are some of the ways you can find the best songs that you have a ear for.

Written by apricot