Music is a very diverse form of arts which has been developed and advanced over the years. There is no perfect definition of the term music since it has so many broad dimensions. This music have been bifurcated into various genres that helps in classifying these music forms. You will be amazed by the various forms of music. In this section we will only take a look at some of the most evident forms of music. Other than the specified forms there are hundreds of other genres of music that have been discovered.

1. Rock Music

In rock music, you will sub definitions of hard rock music, alternative music, post rock music and metal. Within each of these sub groups there are additional groups which will define it further. Alternative music is the music that is an alternative form of the classical rock forms. Metal has many other bifurcations within it too. Most of these categories signify an age in the music era. This form of music was extremely popular from the early 1970’s. Pink Floyd, Opeth, Nirvana and other bands continued the legacy till date.

2. R&B and Soul

This form of music was formed with a dancing agenda in mind. Rhythm and Blues were acronymic to R&B and had cultural evidences in the years between 1950’s-1960’s. It is a popular form of African American music that was reserved for dancing only. They lyrics of the music encapsulated the misery and sorrows of the lives of the African Americans and how they lived their lives. This is a great form of music if you love the hippie way of songs. The performance includes a bass, drums, a couple of guitars, a saxophone and maybe a vocalist. Their performances are energetic and lively.

3. Electronic

This is a new fashioned form of music that has entranced the crowd thoroughly. This form of music has grown in numbers with great artists pitching in some of the best forms of electronic forms of music. The EDM generation is here where EDM refers to Electronic Dance Music that is played in clubs and parties to kick the party into life. This music is synonymous with R&B of this century. You will come across a variety of EDM artists on various charts like Billboard.

4. Country

This is a form of music that was originated in the southern United States in the early 1920’s. It has direct links with folk and blues music. There is an alternative music form of country music too which was formed in the later part of the 19 th century. This form of music is always associated with instruments that consist of strings, dance tunes and ballads. These are some of the various forms of music that is found in the world. You need to understand that there are multitude forms of music which may lead up to at least 100 different forms. In this section we have taken a look at some of the prominent forms of music.

Written by apricot