Alternative rockers Flyleaf have dominated the charts since they made their debut in 2005 with their self titled album, which went platinum. They recently announced the release of their new album “Between the Stars,” which will be the group’s first album since the departure of their lead vocalist Lacey Strum, in 2012.

When Strum’s decision to step down as the lead vocalist of the band was announced, the band also announced that Kristen May would be taking over as lead vocalist, and she has been with them since, touring with the band, she was also the lead vocalist on “Something Better,” the single the band released in 2013.

The new album is produced by Don Gilmore, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Pearl Jam and Linkin Park, and it has 12 tracks.


Guitarist Jared Hartmann, recently sat down and discussed the band’s newest album, he acknowledged that the new album is a little different from the band’s three previous albums, because they have a new vocalist. He also said that the album is different musically because they used a lot of keyboards, which adds an interesting element to some of the songs on the album. The album is still going to be similar to what their fans are used to, but it will also be going in a different direction.

When asked about how the band connected with new singer Kristen May, he said that aster Strum decided to leave the band, someone suggested that they check May out. Luckily for the band, May’s former band Vedera had recently broken up, when she came in for the audition, she knew all their songs, and was cool to hand out with, which made her perfect for the job.

According to Hartmann, the writing process for the new album was very simple, the group got together for a week for writing sessions, which were very successful, because all the songs on the album came from the writing sessions. The band also enjoyed working with Don Gilmore on the album, because Gilmore is a very laid back person, who is hands on, and really into the music.


Growing up, Hartmann was around music, but didn’t really have a passion for it, because he was more into video games, when he got to middle school, his parents wanted him to learn how to play an instrument, so he tried his hands at drums, the saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet, but non of those instruments really fit him. Later on, his mother suggested he try the guitar, which he tried and took some lessons. By the time he got to high school, he started going to see bands, and get into music more, which was around the time he and band mate Sameer became friends, seeing the bands inspired him, and he started playing more, and playing the guitar quickly became his passion.

When it comes to how the band got together, Hartmann said he and Sameer had their own band, while Lacey was playing acoustic in coffee shops, and James was playing the keyboard in another band. When their bands broke up, Lacey and James got together and started writing their own songs, then Lacy invited him to come play guitar for them, and he brought Sameer along with him. After that, they hooked up with pat, and went on the road to perform.

Hartmann says he is very excited about the new album, but is more excited to hit the road and interact with their fans once again.

Written by apricot